Pacto - Toilet without electricity and water

Pacto is our first product that is based on a simple revolutionising technique. It became a favourite from the beginning and is still popular among our customers, since it offers a brand new solution for an old problem. Pacto works like a normal toilet, but without water. Instead, flushing takes place with the help of a foil, which covers the toilet bowl. The waste is encapsulated into the flushing foil and is fed down into the waste container under the toilet. The customer empties the waste container on a regular basis. Pacto uses neither electricity nor water, and works in all temperatures and climates. That is why Pacto is ideal for use in small spaces in the country. Pacto has been used in demanding situations, for example in disaster areas. Contact Andrew for more information

Mal Holt

Head of Sales

Add ons for the Pacto toilet

Pacto Podium
Waste container for use with the Pacto toilet. Empty with a simple touch.

Ecological flush foil
Flushing foil for composting.

Polyethylene flush foil
For those who can leave the latrine to the drop-off center and to the old, electric Pacto toilet.

Collection bags
Extra bags for Pacto Podium are available for purchase.

Pacto is used in areas with limited access to water and sewerage, for example:

  • Remote camps for scientific project
  • Resource exploration
  • Drilling crews and environmental clean-ups
  • Mines
  • National park resorts
  • Ski areas
  • Cottages
  • Field camps and fields hospitals
  • Military operations
  • Contingency planning for natural disasters

Product sheet Pacto - Toilet without electricity and water

The unique toilet system without the requirement for water and electricity

With more than 50 years in the portable toilet industry, the Pacto toilet is a well tested and reliable system. It does not require connections for electricity, water or to the main sewer system. Instead of water, an environmentally friendly flush foil lining is used to encapsulate waste, avoiding direct contact by the user.

Advantages with Pacto - The ecological toilet

No water needed No sewerage needed
No electricity needed No contact with waste
Environmentally friendly Easy to assemble
Easy to move Robust and durable

Toilet with ecological compostable flushing foil

In lieu of water, the Pacto toilet uses a specially developed flush foil liner to encapsulate waste. The flush foil comes in two versions; an ecological compostable (aimed for use in cottages) and one made from polyethylene (Type A).

The ecological flush foil is made of corn starch and is fully biodegradable when composted together with household and/or garden waste. In a well-functioning household and garden, the compost film breaks down in about 6 months. The degradation in a pure latrine compost is delayed. The shelf life when stored is about 2 years. The product is perishable and should be stored in a cool, dark and dry place. Storage in other conditions shortens the life span of the unused flush foil.

The Type A flush foil liner is manufactured from very durable polyethylene, ensuring safe transportation of the waste content. The flush foil can be incinerated after use, leaving only carbon dioxide and water.

Contact our spare parts department if you need flushing foil.