We give public toilets the love they deserve

The job of public toilets is to enable everybody, regardless of circumstances, to freely inhabit public spaces. Our job is to constantly develop public toilets to ensure they can do their job.

Public toilets for a safer environment

Public toilets create safety and security, especially if they are well maintained, correctly situated and meet people’s varied needs. However, what we provide is not just a toilet – it’s a Danfo.

That means we develop products that are vandal-proof, durable, easy to maintain, and developed to serve people’s needs and ensure their safety. With modern technology, we can create even safer public spaces, and we want to partner with you to do so.

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The public toilet’s purpose and the user’s needs

What kind of setting are we talking about? At a playground, in the middle of the city, out in the country, along a highway? We know settings, we know users and we know how to adapt. Partnering with us means more than just a single toilet solution – it gives you access to 50 years’ experience with public toilets.

Since we develop, build and sell our own products, there are few limits to what we can do. We build toilets, make them accessible to children, harvest natural power with solar cells, and save the environment and local surroundings.

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Public toilets with a focus on sustainability

We renovate and maintain our public toilets to provide a better experience – and a sustainable future. Our hard work has resulted in products that can last for over 40 years. When a toilet reaches the end of its useful life, we reuse and recycle the materials. Almost nothing is thrown away.

We work actively with Agenda 2030 sustainability goals to create a circular business model. For the planet, for society and for the future.

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Partner for better results

Let’s create something fantastic together. When we are involved right from the start, we can contribute with insights, expertise and suggestions to help your public toilet perform optimally. And when you are involved right from the start, we can talk about your needs, wishes and ideas on design, style, limitations and opportunities.

When do you need us? We’re available every step of the way, from the idea stage to design and production to ongoing maintenance – for an even better user experience.

arrow.jpg Danfo360 – operation and maintenance especially for public toilets

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Richard McBroom

Managing Director