Danfo360 - Operation and Maintenance of Public Toilets

We build, maintain and operate public toilets. Some call it a safe, secure solution. We call it peace of mind. We provide better overall economy and longer useful life for your toilet building – and you never have to worry about unforeseen problems. Besides offering smart solutions for financing and access, we can take responsibility for keeping your toilet clean, safe and durable for decades.

Do you want us to take full responsibility for toilet construction, operation and maintenance? With Danfo360 - a full service agreement - you get the best from Danfo. We own the building and are responsible for everything from construction to daily operation - including dealing with any damage.

Ensure an accessible public toilet

The availability and cleanliness of public toilets has a great impact on the overall impression of a city or place to visit. We ensure that the toilets are accessible and with the daily supervision and maintenance, we extend the life of the toilet building.

Studies show that a clean and well-maintained public toilet with high functionality reduces the risk of littering and vandalism. This in turn means higher availability and increased visitor frequency.

Danfo360 operations and maintenance of public toilets

Daily inspection and cleaning of public toilets

To ensure a high level of functionality, we carry out daily inspections to work proactively with maintenance and ensure a functional public toilet. The daily operation includes cleaning, opening and locking according to agreement as well as refilling of consumables.

To achieve the high quality that we guarantee in our public toilet buildings in terms of operation and maintenance, we work according to our self-developed service manual. It contains instructions for operation and maintenance of Danfo's public toilets and is based on over 50 years of experience with toilets.

Operation and maintenance is performed on public toilets in Stockholm

Fixed monthly cost for public toilet

With the Danfo360 option, you as a customer can get a fixed monthly cost for toilet construction, operation and maintenance. Simplified, it can be described as a functional rent where everything is included and Danfo takes overall responsibility


Proper operation and maintenance of public toilets - the benefits?

Operation and maintenance are critical to the proper functioning of public toilets. Without proper operation and maintenance, public toilets can become dirty, smelly, and potentially hazardous to public health.

Proper operation of public toilets includes making sure that they are open during regular hours, ensuring that the toilets are clean and well-stocked with toilet paper and other supplies, and ensuring that the plumbing and other mechanical systems are in good working order.

Proper maintenance of public toilets includes regular cleaning, inspecting and repairing of toilets and fixtures, and ensuring that all systems are in good working order. This includes regular servicing of plumbing, electrical, and mechanical systems, such as the sewer and drainage systems, lighting, and ventilation.

A well-maintained public toilet will be more appealing to users and make it more likely that people will use it. This can help to reduce litter, vandalism, and other issues that can result from a lack of access to clean, well-maintained toilets.

Adequate maintenance and operation also ensure that public toilets are safe and hygienic for users, minimizing the risk of spreading of diseases and illnesses. It can also be important for accessibility and to meet the needs of people with disabilities.

Overall, proper operation and maintenance of public toilets are essential to ensuring that they are clean, safe, and accessible to all users.


Mal Holt

Head of Sales