Family Room Toilet

How we experience a public toilet is very different from how a child experience it. In collaboration with the City of Helsingborg, we developed the Family Room Toilet – a public toilet adapted for children and their needs. The toilet is equipped with extra sink, toilet, and hand dryer in child size. Tiles, panels, and facade covered in fun motifs – adaptable based on the desired theme. There is also space for a stroller inside the toilet, and the building is equipped with door automation and elbow contact to make it easy to open and close the door. Want to know more about the Family Room Toilet, please contact us.

Mal Holt

Head of Sales

Standard add ons for the Family Room Toilet - Danfos's public toilet adapted for children

  • Facade and roof
  • DWC Alarm 
  • Fire alarm
  • Handles with integrated lighting
  • Door cladding
  • Extra exterior lighting
  • Bicycle pump
  • External water tap
  • Energy saving Package
  • Payment solutions

​​​​​​​Are amongst add ons available with the Tetragon. Danfo can also offer a complete package for operation and maintenance of public toilets.

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Are you also interested in procuring the child-friendly public toilet that we have developed in collaboration with the City of Helsingborg? To help you, we have produced a document that you can use in your procurement process of the Family Room Toilet - so you can set the right requirements and get the design of the toilet building that you request. If you want more help - do not hesitate to contact our experts on public toilets here: Experts public toilets

Procurement guide for the Family Room Toilet - The child-friendly public toilet

Here you will find more inspiration and background material for the Family Room Toilet

We are proud of our new public toilet the Family Room Toilet. Below you will find some reasons why we are proud.

The story behind the Family Room Toilet

Playful toilet gets high marks from preschool class

The Family Toilet – Public Toilet - Where children’s needs take centre stage

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Public toilet that holds so much more

The family room toilet is designed for children and their needs. This is noticeable in the floor plan, which houses an extra sink, toilet and hand dryer in child size. In order for the whole family to be able to go to the public toilet, there is also space for a pram inside the toilet - all to facilitate a visit to the public space. In addition to a family room, there is of course a space adapted for RWC (Wheelchair WC) / HWC / handicap adapted toilet.

Floor plan The family room toilet

Floor plan public toilet for children

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We do not just talk. 50 years of experience in designing and constructing public toilets means something and with our operation and maintenance concept - Danfo360 - which is designed for public toilets, we can help you from A to Z. Choose quality for your public toilet - it pays off.