Efficient Coin Collection & Management for Public Toilets

Managing public toilets comes with a multitude of costs including cleaning, maintenance, and utilities. Implementing a small entry fee can serve as an additional income source for providers, and even act as a deterrent against vandalism. At Danfo, we provide an assortment of Let In coin machines and turnstile systems tailored to various locations and uses. Our user-friendly entry systems strike the perfect balance between durability, technological sophistication, and ease of installation.

Additional Revenue and Vandalism Prevention

A small fee for using public toilets can help offset the costs associated with their upkeep. Moreover, charging for access can potentially discourage acts of vandalism, resulting in a cleaner, safer environment for all users.

Let In Coin Machines: Versatility and Durability

Our Let In coin machines come in various models, designed to fit different locations and situations. From high-traffic urban settings to quieter rural locations, our machines are built to withstand extensive use while providing a reliable source of revenue.

Advanced Turnstile Systems for Smooth Entry

We also offer advanced turnstile (paddlegate) systems, combining ease of use with modern digital technology. These systems ensure a smooth, hassle-free user experience, while simultaneously providing a steady income stream for providers.

Diverse Entry Systems for Every Need

Whether you prefer the advanced digital entry reader or the durable coin box, our range of entry systems caters to all needs. Our systems are designed to be easy to install, ensuring that your public toilet facilities are up and running in no time.

Mal Holt

Head of Sales