Danfo Greenline – The public environmental toilet

The public environmental toilet is intended for landscape locations without access to electricity, water and sewage. The toilet is operated with vacuum technology and is equipped with solar cells on the roof. Since the Toilet House and its waste tank, emptied through slurry suction, incorporates an enclosed sewage system, it can be placed almost anywhere. It is a very popular installation in national parks, open-air activity areas, nature reserves and other sensitive environments which attract large numbers of visitors. Please contact us for more information.

Mal Holt

Head of Sales

Public toilet for outdoor and landscape environments

  • Hand wash unit
  • Level indicator for waste tank
  • Insulation for year-round use
  • Ability for connection to electricity, water and sewage
  • Danfos's operation and maintenance services

Public toilet for environments without electricity, water and sewage?

Then you have come to the right place. Read more about our popular toilet building here:

Product sheet Danfo Greenline - public toilet for all environments

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Public toilet with fantastic views

As the toilet building is so flexible and can be placed almost anywhere, you can find our public toilet with the most amazing views.

Get inspired here

Public toilet with disabled access

This public toilet has a standard design with one or two toilets. Both toilet models are adapted for the disabled visitors. But the toilet building can also come in other variants and be adapted to the environment in which it is to stand - for example, the "Driver's toilet" at the bottom.


Public toilet floor plan


Public toilet floor plan

Driver's toilet 

TA 100 - Sjåførtoalett (003).jpg

Public toilet - From A to Z

We can help you with your public toilet from A to Z. From consulting to that we together design and construct a toilet that is right for you. After we have built your public toilet, we can operate and maintain it through Danfo360 to ensure that your visitors get the best experience.