Tetragon Classic - Public toilet

Danfos Tetragon Classic is a public toilet that is well suited to landscaping environments. Rest areas, parks, bathing areas, outdoor areas are often areas with high loads for short periods. For these environments, we have developed the Tetragon Classic. A rest area / bathing area and its facilities with a public toilet should be inviting so that road users / visitors choose to stay. With this public toilet, the exterior can be adapted to suit the surroundings in the best way. The interior of the toilet building varies depending on whether it is to be connected to a drain or to a latrine tank, but it is always vandal-proof and durable. Each public toilet building has direct access to the public toilets without passage through common areas. In a service room behind the toilets, all vital components are inaccessible from possible vandalism. Please contact us if you want to know more about Tetragon Classic.

Mal Holt

Head of Sales

Some of all the options for Tetragon Classic - Public toilet for landscaping environment

  • Saddle roof
  • Cover panel facade
  • Changing table sheet metal white
  • Accessibility package
  • Door control package
  • Hand dryer
  • Exterior wall lighting
  • Supply air via duct heater and duct fan
  • Exhaust air via duct fan
  • Heater 35 L
  • External shower (cold water)
  • Water meter console
  • Electricity meter board

Public toilet for rest areas, parks, beach areas or nature areas?

Then the Tetragon Classic is right for you. Make sure that you make the right demands and get the functions and appearance of the toilet building that you want.

Procurement guide for public toilets

Do you want to get inspiration for your public toilet?

Here you can find some of all the Tetragon Classic that are deployed in landscape environments.

We are also happy to suggest the page reference projects where we have collected some of all our public toilets: Reference projects public toilets

Danfo and public toilets at rest areas are a success story

Read about the Swedish Transport Administration's experience of collaborating with Danfo here: "They know the facilities inside and out"


Public toilet with different floor plans

The public toilet Tetragon Classic is available from one to four spaces, one of which is always adapted for the disabled. Below you will find Tetragon Classic's different floor plans in basic design.

TET 100

Floor plan public toilet

TET 110

Floor plan public toilet

TET 120

Floor plan public toilet

TET 130

Floor plan public toilet

350 rest areas with public toilets

In Sweden, there are around 350 rest areas with public toilets. The majority of these are toilet buildings that come from Danfo and where we are also responsible for maintenance and inspections. Get help from us with everything from construction and design to operation and maintenance - because we know public toilets.