Changing Places Modular Toilet

Danfo offers a changing places toilet, manufactured off-site and transported to a location of your choice. These facilities are designed to assist those with profound and multiple disabilities who require adult carers, who require additional support and often need extra facilities to allow them to use a toilet comfortably. The modular building is built according to guidance issued by the ‘Changing Places Organisation’ to recognise an internal area of 4m x 3m square and equipped to a high standard. All buildings come with technical specification of the equipment used. Please contact us for more information regarding our changing places toilets:

Mal Holt

Head of Sales

The Changing Place building is equipped with the following as standard:

  • Electrically operated height adjustable changing bench
  • Electrically operated X Y hoist system
  • Height adjustable wash hand basin
  • Close coupled WC
  • Privacy screen
  • Large paper dispenser for bed
  • Grab rails and drop down arms
  • Full length mirror
  • Appropriate wall mounted coat hooks
  • Emergency alarm
  • Colostomy shelf
  • Radar key entry (optional extra to replace with keypad/swipe card entry)

Are you in need of add ons in addition to this? Contact Jon Mills at

The external façade can be designed to any specification desired by the client.

Read more about changing places modular toilet in our product sheet: Product sheet Changing Places

Installing a Changing Places toilet

Changing Places Toilets should be open to the public and they should be installed in addition to existing accessible toilets and not replace them. To facilitate your installation, we have collected facts from here:

Design of a Changing Places Toilet

  • According to, Changing Places Toilets must contain the following:

1. A height adjustable changing bench

2. A tracking hoist system

3. There should be adequate space (minimum requirement 12 square metres) 

4. A centrally placed toilet with room either side for the carers and drop down hand rails

5. Height adjustable sink

6. A screen or curtain

7. Wide tear off paper roll to cover the bench

8. A large waste bin for disposable pads

9. A non-slip floor


  • Symbol
    • All Changing Places toilets that meet the minimum requirements should use the Changing Place symbol on the building. The symbol helps families identify toilets that meet their needs.

Changing Places toilet logo.jpg

Equipment for a Changing Places Toilet

  • There are five pieces of equipment in a changing places toilet that we want to highlight a little extra:
    • Changing Benches
      • One essential part of a Changing Places toilet is the changing bench in adult-size. A strong recommendation is that it is height adjustable – so carers can work at an appropriate height.
    • Hoists
      • Another essential part is the hoist. The hoist eliminates the need to lift a person manually. The hoist increases access to the changing bench.
    • Grab rails
      • Grab rails must be fitted in the space to offer support for people to move and while seated. Make sure they are mounted so they can support the weight of a person.
    • Wash basin
      • A wash basin must be installed in the Changing Places toilet and there must be space for a wheelchair under the bowl. The recommendation is for a height adjustable model to be provided.
    • Controlled access system
      • Whether the Changing Places Toilet is unlocked or locked is up to those responsible for the facility. However a control access system is highly recommended. This can greatly reduce vandalism and ensure those that need to use the facilities can do so in a safe and respectable manner.


Registration of your Changing Places Toilet

Why Changing Places toilets?

Changing Places are public restrooms that are specifically designed to meet the needs of people with disabilities, including those with mobility, sensory or cognitive impairments. These facilities typically include extra space, adjustable height toilets, tracking hoists and adult-sized changing benches.

Changing Places are important because they provide people with disabilities the opportunity to access public spaces with dignity and independence. Many traditional public restrooms are not accessible to people with disabilities, making it difficult or impossible for them to participate in activities outside of their homes. Having access to Changing Places means people with disabilities can go out and enjoy the same opportunities as non-disabled people, such as shopping, traveling, and visiting friends and family.

Additionally, Changing Places facilities can also provide people with disabilities and their carers with a safe and clean environment to manage their personal hygiene needs, avoiding the need to go back home or to be dependent on the help of strangers.

Having accessible Changing Places facilities can also reduce social isolation and discrimination of people with disabilities and can be a positive step towards inclusion and accessibility for all.

From production to operation and maintenance

When the changing places modular toilet is in place, we can help you ensure that the toilet building is accessible and safe through our operation and maintenance concept