Modulet - Public toilet modules

The public toilet modules are fitted into existing structures and can also be used in new build situations. This means that old facilities can be converted into hygienic and userfriendly public toilets without great interference or extensive work on the site. Modulet also works well when built into new constructions, working as part of larger schemes where there is a requirement for public toilets. Modulet has become a very popular solution where modern urban planning shares space with historic city centres. It provides the same modern functions as Danfo’s toilet buildings. Feel free to contact Andrew for more information about Modulet.

Mal Holt

Head of Sales

Adapt the public toilet to your needs

  • Disabled alarm
  • Fire and burglar alarm
  • Footfall counting system
  • Time controlled opening hours
  • Data communications
  • Remote monitoring
  • Handles with integrated lighting
  • Coin/sms/card payments

Built-in system for public toilets

The Modulet system is used for installation and can be combined with any number of HWC / RWC, WC and Urinal depending on space and needs. The installation walls are prefabricated at the factory and installed together with the rest of the interior of an existing building. The interior of the Modulet public toilets is durable, vandal-proof and easy to keep clean. The service space contains all installations and filling units. You can read more about the Modulet here:

Product sheet Modulet - Tailor-made public toilet


Tips and tricks for procuring a public toilet? We have produced a procurement guide:

Public toilets - Procurement guide


Modern public toilet in existing buildings

If you are looking for a modern public toilet without major interventions or extensive work on site, Modulet is right for you. You will find some of all our projects below.

If you want to see other public toilet solutions, you will find inspiration here: Reference projects public toilets


Tailor-made Public toilet

The public toilet Modulet is tailored and designed based on the conditions given in each unique place. Danfo designs and provides drawings, technical documentation and operation and maintenance instructions for the entire toilet system.

Worn out public toilets are an exciting challenge for us

We have the expertise to help you renovate or rebuild your public toilet. With over 50 years of experience in public toilets, we can together create sustainable toilet solutions that blend into your environment. Read more about all our services below.