Refurbishing Public Toilets

Is it always necessary to build something new? Not at all. Often it is possible to renovate or refurbish instead. Public toilets have to stand up to tough conditions and vandalism that can wear on a building. But what looks like a worn-out public toilet to you is an exciting challenge to us.

Sustainable public toilets

We design durable toilet buildings that make future operations and maintenance easier, drawing up renovation and refurbishment proposals that our own builders implement. Sustainable toilet solutions for a sustainable future – this is the circular economy.

Danfo can refurbish public toilets

Refurbish or rebuild a public toilet? What option to choose?

We are working to create a circular economy and sustainable products. We repair and reuse as much as we can. Refurbishing an existing toilet is a matter of recreating it as it once was, with better and more durable materials and products to improve its useful life, sustainability and function. Materials that cannot be reused are recycled wherever possible. We refurbish public toilets to extend their useful life. New construction is not always the right choice.

Refurbishment of public toilets creates sustainability
Technology marches on, and today’s materials are more sustainable and better adapted to a world where we prefer recycling to consuming. With a rebuild, we can create new, modern public toilets in older buildings, or redesign existing areas, adapting them to the current needs and circumstances of the site. This may involve adapting them to ensure accessibility and guarantee an inclusive, safe environment for all.


Existing buildings become modern public toilets

We have introduced Modulet, an installation system that enables us to provide the same interior and technology we provide in our prefabricated toilet buildings. The system is built around an installation-ready unit including a washbasin, a toilet pan and the necessary technology, installed in combination with our durable, vandal-deterrent wall, ceiling and floor surfaces. The system works equally well in both new and existing buildings.

Public toilet refurbished in Sweden

What we can do for you

We are a partner from start to finish – and there does not have to be a finish. We are just as eager to remain available and provide knowledge, experience and expertise as we are to provide service, operating help and maintenance. When you partner with us, we start by helping you evaluate the benefits, needs and environment. What environment is the toilet in? What visitors will be using the toilet? What visitors would we like to avoid? We evaluate risks and identify solutions that reduce damage and create a safe, secure, welcoming environment.

Let’s talk solutions

There are no ready-made solutions. The key to a successful result is cooperation, so let’s talk. Contact us and describe the challenges you are facing, and we’ll tell you how it looks to us. Because no matter whether you need to refurbish, build a new structure or simply plan for the future, we know public toilets.

Please contact us for more information about renovating and rebuilding public toilets.

Mal Holt

Head of Sales