Tetragon - Flexible Public Toilet

Tetragon is a public toilet which can be adapted to suit your requirements. It is flexible both in size and design, with the ability to withstand vandalism. City centers, parks, beaches, recreational areas – many places have a need for good public toilets. This is where Tetragon is ideally suited. The flexible design means that each toilet can be adapted according to the environment where it will be located. Tetragon can also be fitted with a waste tank and placed where there is no access to sewage, which also protects environmentally sensitive sites. User-friendly and vandalismproof toilets provide better hygiene and accessibility. Contact Andrew for more information

Mal Holt

Head of Sales

Examples of add ons for the public toilet Tetragon

  • Facade and roof
  • DWC Alarm 
  • Fire alarm
  • Handles with integrated lighting
  • Door cladding
  • Extra exterior lighting
  • Bicycle pump
  • External water tap
  • Energy saving Package
  • Payment solutions

Are amongst add ons available with the Tetragon. Danfo can also offer a complete package for operation and maintenance of public toilets.

We are experts in public toilets

That is why we have developed the design of the service room that is available in the public toilets we manufacture. In the vandal-proof service space, all consumables are filled, trash emptied and serviced. The service rooms have well-thought-out solutions to optimize the cleaning of a public toilet in the best way. Well-compressed, functional and practical with equipment such as hoses and jaws, they facilitate the work of operation and maintenance personnel and ensure safe and accessible public toilets.

If you want to know more technical details about Tetragon, you can read our product sheet:

Product sheet Tetragon - Flexible public toilet


Want to know more about how to procure one or more public toilets? We have compiled the most important things so that you as a customer can set the right requirements and get the functions and appearance of the toilet building that you want.

Guide for the procurement of public toilets


Here you can be inspired if you are looking for a public toilet

Below you will find a selection of all Tetragons that are deployed in public environments. If you want more inspiration, you can see more of our public toilets in different environments here:

Reference projects public toilets


With enamelled sheet metal facade, we can create unique design solutions for public toilets - read more here:

Public toilet with enamelled sheet metal facade

Flexible design of public toilet

As mentioned, the Tetragon is a flexible public toilet - both in terms of size and design. However, always with the same high performance in terms of function and quality. Below you will find the Tetragon's different floor plans in basic design. All floor plans contain an RWC (Wheelchair WC) / handicap adapted toilet.


Tetragon 100

Tetragon 100_UK - kopia.JPG

Tetragon 110/101/100L

Tetragon 110_UK - kopia.JPG

Tetragon 120 / 111 / 110L 

Tetragon 120_UK - kopia.JPG

Tetragon 130/121/120L/111L

Tetragon 130_UK - kopia.JPG

Tetragon 100 

Tetragon 100 RH_UK - kopia.JPG


Tetragon 110/101/100L

Tetragon 110 RH_UK - kopia.JPG

Tetragon 120/111/110L

Tetragon 120 RH_UK - kopia.JPG

Tetragon 130/121/120 L /111L

Tetragon 130 RH_UK - kopia.JPG


From design and construction to operation and maintenance of public toilets

We are Danfo and we know public toilets - with over 50 years of experience in designing, constructing, building, operating and maintaining public toilets, we have a unique knowledge base that we want to share with you.