Changing Places and 'Space to Change' In-build Options

Danfo offers an ‘In-build’ solution to providing Changing Places and ‘Space to Change’ rooms within an existing building. These facilities are designed to assist those with profound and multiple disabilities who require adult carers, who require additional support and often need extra facilities to allow them to use a toilet comfortably. A Changing Places facility has an internal space of 4m x 3m is required. Danfo can create this space within an existing building and will install all equipment according to guidance issued by the ‘Changing Places Organisation’. All buildings come with technical specification of the equipment used. If new walls, floor, ceiling and doors are required we can do this to. ‘Space to change’ facilities can also be created within an existing building where 12m² rooms are not feasible due to space restrictions. These bridge the gap between a fully operating Changing Places facility and a standard Document M DDA compliant facility. The equipment of a Changing Places facility is installed within a 3m x 2.5m space to allow off the floor personal care. Contact Jon for more information regarding our Changing Places and 'Space to Change' In-build options:

Mal Holt

Head of Sales

Standard equipment for Changing Places

All Changing Place and ‘Space to Change’ buildings are equipped with the following as standard:

  • Electrically operated height adjustable changing bench
  • Electrically operated X Y hoist system
  • Height adjustable wash hand basin
  • Close coupled WC
  • Privacy screen
  • Large paper dispenser for bed
  • Grab rails and drop down arms
  • Full length mirror
  • Appropriate wall mounted coat hooks
  • Emergency alarm
  • Colostomy shelf

Read more about changing places and 'space to change' in-build options in our product sheet: Product sheet Changing Places In-build

Why Changing Places toilets?

There are over thousands of people with profound and multiple learning disabilities that are limited in their own mobility, they cannot use standard accessible toilets and they need help and support. 

More than 250,000 severely disabled people will have greater access to public places after the government moved to make Changing Places toilets compulsory in new buildings according to

By providing Changing Places toilets in public places it makes ha huge difference for people that are limited in their own mobility and their families. 

A Changing Place toilet - with the right equipment - enables the person with disabilites to have a "active citizenship" as the government policy promotes.  

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From production to operation and maintenance

When the changing places modular toilet is in place, we can help you ensure that the toilet building is accessible and safe through our operation and maintenance concept