Revolutionizing Public Toilet Management: Remote Monitoring with Danfo Solo

In the era of digital advancement, managing public toilets has evolved beyond the traditional methods. Danfo Solo introduces a modern, environmentally friendly approach to maintaining public facilities with its remote monitoring capabilities. Through paperless operations and real-time information, we can offer superior, efficient services to our clients.

Enhanced Facility Management through Remote Monitoring

Leveraging technology, remote monitoring allows us to keep a constant eye on the status of your public toilets. With web-browser-based reports and enquiries, we can access real-time data on cleanliness, maintenance needs, and building conditions. Instant notification alerts further enable us to respond quickly and efficiently to any issues, ensuring your facilities always perform to a high standard.

Real-Time Information for Improved Efficiency

With the Danfo Solo system, you can monitor your facilities' status in real-time. This immediate access to information enables swift and effective management, significantly reducing the time between detecting an issue and resolving it. Our commitment to offering better and more environmentally friendly services is realized through this innovative, paperless approach to facility management.

Footfall Counting for Optimized Resource Allocation

Alongside remote monitoring, Danfo Solo offers advanced footfall counting systems. By understanding visitor patterns, you can efficiently allocate cleaning staff during peak usage times and ensure optimal cleanliness. Additionally, these visitor statistics provide valuable data for councils and other decision-makers, enabling more informed investment decisions regarding facility upgrades or additions.

Mal Holt

Head of Sales