MAPT - Automatic Public Toilet

Combining advanced technology with user-friendly functions, MAPT is the new generation of public toilets. The design blends into most surroundings. With less need for maintenance, MAPT is an obvious choice for city locations. The flushing function is automatic and the wash basin is sensor-controlled. Both the floor and the toilet cleans itself after each visit. The rotating floor saves water in the cleaning process, with the entire cleaning cycle taking less than a minute. MAPT is controlled by a central processor. Problems are reported digitally to the service staff who can react immediately. The unit can also be remotely connected to Danfo’s technical support. Please contact us for more information.

Mal Holt

Head of Sales

Technical information for the MAPT - Automatic Public Toilet

Planning permission Public Toilet

Danfo supplies all the drawings and technical specifications needed to make a planning application together with foundation details

External façade

The external façade is manufactured out of fiber reinforced concrete.

Availability and safety

The MAPT is a fully accessible public toilet installation. Fixtures and functions are designed to be usable from any angle or height and the room is equipped with a baby change table and sturdy hand rails. Booth the floor, toilet and baby change table are fitted with weight sensors to make sure that the room is empty during the cleaning process. To deter misuse there is a maximum time for each visit (normally 20 minutes).

The automatic cleaning process

After the visit, the installation automatically cleans itself. The toilet is flushed and the seat cleaned, the floor is brushed off, washed and rotated. The entire cleaning cycle takes less than 1 minute and uses less than 7 litres of water, including flushing of the toilet.

Here you can download our product sheet and information video

MAPT - Automatic Public Toilet

MAPT - video presentation

From Scotland to the United Arab Emirates

Our automatic public toilet can handle both harsher climates as well as drier and warmer climates

From operation and maintenance to renovation - We help you in every step with your Public Toilet

We do not only manufacture this advanced public toilet - we have a specialized department that is responsible for the operation and maintenance of public toilets. This means that you can hand over the daily operations to us - and we will solve all problems.

And when the time comes, we can renovate the MAPT so that its lifespan is extended - all to achieve as circular economy as possible.