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Our testimonials mean everything. Because we are only as good as our clients say we are.

About our Quality

“Their quality is excellent.” Carmarthenshire County Council


“This is the sixth year running we have been recognised in the Loo of the Year Awards which shows that not only is Danfo — which manages the toilets — providing high quality facilities but maintaining them to extremely high standards.” Director of technical services Richard Workman, Carmarthen Journal, 4 April 2012, on Carmarthenshire County Council winning Loo of the Year Awards: 2011 Major National Award Winners, Wales


How do they compare on quality of services and products?
“Excellent. It’s absolutely fantastic” London Borough of Hackney, UK, 2012


“If I were grading Danfo on their work throughout the process, I would give them an A+. They have come through on every single undertaking. I am genuinely impressed. Service-minded, eager for feedback, eager to make sure we were satisfied. I would absolutely recommend them to others in the future.” Sven Strömberg, Building services engineer, the municipality of Värnamo.


“We have an excellent relationship with Danfo and have only good things to say about their work”, says Lars Wiberg, Head of the city parks department, City of Västerås.


“Since we started with Danfo our vandalism costs have decreased with enormous numbers. In 2007 we had a vandalism cost of over 1.2 M SEK – now, in the first half of 2010, we only have a cost of approx 150,000 SEK. We also have a much higher visitor footfall today than earlier.”
Rickard Szymczak, Malmo City, Sweden's 3rd largest city.


About our cleaning

“I would like to say the standard of cleansing of all five public toilets is exceptional, when ever I visit them the standard is always maintained to a high standard. Please pass on my thanks to the front line staff.”  Tim Troon – London Borough of Hackney, 2014

“I have managed the boroughs public toilets for the past three years and I can honestly say all five toilets within the borough are always maintained, and the cleansing is to a very high standard. I pay them regular compliments via e-mail on the standard of cleansing their toilets which is exceptionally high”  Tim Troon – London Borough of Hackney, 2013


About Danfo360

”I’ve looked at the Danfo contract once and not needed to since. They’ve been excellent and always go above and beyond. The odd time we’ve had an issue, they won’t just resolve the issue, they’ll suggest other things they can do as well. The service is excellent.”
Wyre Borough Council, UK

“We have regular meetings and regular updates we’re working together very closely. I have six services to manage and Danfo is by far the easiest to manage. They are very good.”
Blackpool Council, UK, 2012

”No, we’ve got no qualms. They provide an excellent service and have an excellent response to anything that has been raised.”
Carmarthenshire County Council, UK

“Excellent service”
Rhys Davies – Carmarthenshire County Council, UK, 2013