A true win-win situation

Wyre Council, UK

Wyre Council wanted to provide good public conveniences for residents and visitors. In order to do this despite budget cuts, Wyre joined forces with the neighbouring Fylde Borough Council in 2007 and Danfo was contracted to look after the public conveniences. This innovative approach to public toilet provision meant that the councils were able to order new and refurbished quality public toilets without the need for capital investment – thanks to Danfo’s financial support package Danfo360.

That was not all – with expert managed toilets, the council continues to save money on the operational side and is at the same time able to provide cleaner and state of the art facilities. A true win-win situation for both Danfo and Wyre, this kind of partnership would be a great solution for many Local Governments out there facing a future with budget cuts. Danfo has installed numerous buildings to date for Wyre.

“I’ve looked at the Danfo contract once and not needed to since. They’ve been excellent and always go above and beyond. The odd time we’ve had an issue, they won’t just resolve the issue, they’ll suggest other things they can do as well. The service is excellent.” – Wyre Council

“Would you recommend them to others?” “Definitely.” – Wyre Council

“Better than other external contractors but not able to compare directly for the same type of service.” – Wyre Council 

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